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November 24. 2014

Alpha Bank coaching program designed and run by Atom Wave since 2007 was shortlisted for the 2014 Coaching program Award.

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September 09. 2014

ROI on Coaching Development programs is always a hot issue. Olympia Mitsopoulou presented Atom Wave's project on this subject as a SOLTalk at the SOLWolrd Conference that took place in Djuronasset between the 3rd and 6th Sept. 2014.

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May 19. 2014

According to a latest poll by the CIPD, lack of trust was voted as the biggest barrier to effective leadership with 45% of the votes. Other votes went to lack of on-the-job training (22%), lack of succession planning (19%) and organisational structure (14%). The importance of TRUST is even more vital when a leader needs to coach his people in order to move forward.

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May 12. 2014

How do you measure the Return on Investment of your Management and Leadership Development programs? In the HR Professional Magazine, Atom Wave presents a client case study on Solution Focused Coaching where significant ROI in sales and productivity were measured.

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April 11. 2014

Is coaching a report similar to coaching a co-worker who has another boss? What are the prerequisites for this type of coaching to work? The Solution Focused coaching approach has been supporting organizations worldwide equip their managers with a set of easy to use coaching tools but primarily with a changed mindset which enables managers to focus more on their people's resources.

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The ICF (International Coaching Federation) seeks to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching.

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SOLWorld was formed in order to share and build Solution Focus in organizations.

SOLWorld was formed in order to share and build Solution Focus in organizations.