Team Leadership Coaching

How do your managers transition from managing projects to leading people to
become and function as a team in order to carry out projects?


  • Align your team members around a common vision 
  • Engage and create accountability
  • Accelerate changes and become less problem-focused
  • Run constructive solution focused meetings
  • Get techniques to influence cross-functional teams
  • Manage various stakeholders teams

Who do we work with?

  • Functional teams who need to align around a common vision, or find ways to work more as a team, find ways to produce extraordinary results or accelerate their work.
  • Remote teams where team members work from distance and most team work is done through technology
  • Virtual teams where team members have a dotted line relationship with the team leader and management is done mainly by influence
  • Global teams where members face the challenges of different time zones and culture
  • Cross-functional teams, where team members report to multiple bosses and have to juggle conflicting priorities
  • Stakeholder teams: team members belong to different interest groups like clients, suppliers, board members or other stakeholders and have to work together having different goals, cultures and perspectives.
Alpha Bank Team Coaching

How we work with teams

  • We work with you and your team to create a tailored in-house programme that meets your teams’s specific challenges.  
  • We facilitate Team coaching workshops with tangible, actionable results. We work on 1to1 basis with the team leader and individual team members.
  • We Train the team leaders of your organization to apply Solution Focused team coaching techniques to their own teams

Team Coaching in Stanton Chase

Stanton Chase Athens had a great experience with Atom Wave and Olympia by attending a Team Coaching workshop . Olympia is a great facilitator who added value to our discussion and helped us to draw our vision and future strategy building a strong team spirit . I strongly believe that Olynpia's Team Coaching program is a great experience that would surely produce great results for our company in the near future .

Manos PANORIOS - Managing Partner, Athens Office & CEE/SEE

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