Our mission is to to provide real human capacity building coaching tools to ever-changing organisations.



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Olympia Mitsopoulou, executive coach, trainer and facilitator, founder of Atom Wave works with senior executives and their organisations to develop and implement innovative, solution focused and profit-building approaches to address the global and day-to-day challenges of leadership, operations, human resources and ...

Marialexia MARGARITI

Marialexia MARGARITI

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With an eighteen years of experience in a range of business disciplines within a multinational corporation combined with solid training and certifications in both areas of professional coaching and psychotherapy, Marialexia brings to corporate coaching a deep understanding of how things work and can effectively support clients ...



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Katy brings to coaching Balance and Maturity. The combination of her 25+ yrs of experience in People Development combined with her entrepreneurial background (also owner of a successful advertising-graphic design agency), offer clients practicality combined with Emotional Intelligence. Katy is amongst the most experienced ...


  1. We keep our code of ethics and respect confidentiality at all costs.
  2. We offer unique and cutting edge solutions.
  3. We strive to continuously improve our products and services.
  4. We provide our clients the option to transfer our know-how in-house.
  5. We work with clients who are interested in business results vs just training objectives.

Business Partnerships:

A marketing communications and people change management expert Alan Kay, blends years of applied industry experience and best practices delivery of practical tools on leading people to solve problems and be creative about making solutions happen.

Currently, Alan is the principal of a change management consulting business, the Glasgow Group serving a diverse group of clients in Canada, the US and Europe.

KarmaGenes, meet yourself.

We are business partners with Karmagenes, a Swiss biotech, which has come up with an innovative way of determining the contribution of genetics and the environment to your personality traits. Using a sample of your saliva, their advanced molecular analysis methodologies identify the link between genetics and 14 behavioral characteristics like innovation, spontaneity, strategy, risk taking, decision making, confidence, stress tolerance, calmness, optimism and self awareness.

We use Karmagenes analysis for our executive coaching assignments to support our clients discover their strengths and formulate their own exciting future.