Solution Focus

The Solution Focused approach is about building on what is already there rather than fixing things that don’t work.

What is Solution Focused Coaching?

Solution Focus approach is about building on what is already there rather than fixing what doesn't work. It is based on a combination of tested tools together with a specifically structured conversation which helps keep the coaching relationship both brief and effective. The following principles are at the hear of Solution Focused practice.

What is Wanted

If people were broken cars, investing time in diagnosing the roots of a problem would be very useful. However, people within organisations are not cars and solutions are most often not linearly linked to causes. Getting awareness as to the exact “What is Wanted” rather than why it happened is at the heart of Solution Focused Practice. 

What is There

Do you know all the "What is There" to move you forward? Solution Focus is about discovering all available resources towards the coaching goal. These resources may be internal like qualities, skills, past experience and/or external like mentors, friends, material resources. With people, it is more efficient, to build change on existing qualities, rather than on the gaps, they are empty!

What Works

With the Solution Focus approach, we accompany the coachee in a constructive exploration of the past to detect all the clues of “What Works", learn from that, analyse positive deviances and use these as a resource for the future. 

Small is Big

Small yet concrete next steps can create ripple effects and change, leading to progress towards the coachee’s Desired Future. It is about changing the focus of awareness, from what's still missing to creating noticeable progress. Change comes from small practical actions vs. grandiose action plans.

Solution Focused Internal Coach Certification Program

Word of mouth...

“True developmental experience ...with measurable results and positive effect on work ethic. Solution focus works!”

Golfo AGAPITOU - Head of People Development,  Eurobank

“Highly interactive program, delivered with structure and impact. Equips with solid techniques/ skills that immediately applicable to personal and organisational effectiveness.”

Natasha SPIROU, Group HR Director - Fourlis Holdings SA


It has exceeded expectations! The blended methodology of workshops, social learning digital platform and group peer / mentoring sessions accommodates for the different learning styles of the participant group, whilst pushing individual comfort zones.

Alexandra FILLIPIDOU - Talent Manager & Internal Coach Certification participant - Eurobank 

“Exceptional development program ...contributes to increased business results in sales, improved team collaboration, trust building, more effective delegation, and better time management.”NIKI KANELLOPOULOUTraining and Development Deputy Director ALPHA BANK