We believe organisations can significantly enhance their leadership effectiveness through addressing their people at their strengths, through developing relationships of trust, and through building a coaching culture.


April 03. 2019

How are Solution Focused questions different from Problem Focused? Why are they Better? How to craft them? Join Olympia Mitsopoulou, Christiane Kosub and Alan Kay at this new experiential webinar about how to craft Solution Focused questions that orient to a resourcefulness mindset of opening up possibilities and how the SF questions differ from more problem focused methodologies.

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February 18. 2019

“No way!” exclaimed my close friend and senior executive, when I asked him why he would not discuss his development goals with internal HR coaches at his organisation. Upon my insistence, he explained that he had once trusted an internal coach, expecting her to be of help to a disagreement that he had had with his boss. Right after, his boss sent him an email, letting him know that the next time he would talk to HR about him, he would have to “watch his back!”

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September 01. 2018

A big journey of coaching within Eurobank got to a major milestone as the first pool of certified internal coaches graduated from the Atom Wave ICF ACSTH "Internal Coach Certification" course. Τhe 17 participants of the course along with Athina Dessypri and Golfo Agapitou who were the project sponsors from the bank, celebrated their graduation together with Atom Wave Program Director Olympia Mitsopoulou and Program Instructor/Supervisor Marialexia Margariti. The Internal Coach Certification program has been created with the vision of offering state of the art coach training specifically addressing the challenges of Internal Coaches within organisations.

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April 18. 2018

How do you know your leadership development programs work? How do you create programs that produce significant business results? How do you measure the program’s ROI? If these questions keep you at night, join ICF Greece webinar on April 23rd 2018 at 7 pm. (GMT +2).

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April 09. 2018

Internal Coaching is on the rise as more and more organisations build their own pool of internal coaches. Many are the advantages, as internal coaches know the inside outs of the coachees' working environment, they are more easily accessible, costing less to name a few. At the same time, this role is more complicated and challenging that this of an executive coach.

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Solution Focused Internal Coach Certification Program

Word of mouth...

“True developmental experience ...with measurable results and positive effect on work ethic. Solution focus works!”

Golfo AGAPITOU - Head of People Development,  Eurobank

“Exceptional development program ...contributes to increased business results in sales, improved team collaboration, trust building, more effective delegation, and better time management.”NIKI KANELLOPOULOUTraining and Development Deputy Director ALPHA BANK

Olympia had a way of approaching each and every one of us, bridging our differences and make us feel like a team without limits!

Stella VOLAKI - Consumer Products Division - L'Oréal

“Highly interactive program, delivered with structure and impact. Equips with solid techniques/ skills that immediately applicable to personal and organisational effectiveness.”

Natasha SPIROU, Group HR Director - Fourlis Holdings SA