Micro Constellations Workshop - ICF CCEUs

During this 2-day intensive workshop, you will be introduced to the Micro Constellations technique.

Hosted by Atom Wave Greece
Course Instructors: Dr Petra Müller-Demary & Rita Klemmayer
This webinar will be delivered in Athens in ENGLISH.
Dates: Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March 2020
ICF Accredited with 10 CCEUs.


  • You will understand the principles of systemic structured constellations
  • You will have experienced the model and tools in action
  • You will have learned several formats for different cases
  • You will have developed an additional resource in your work.
  • You will get a hand out with detailed description of the formats.
  • Based on this you will be able to develop other formats of your own.

What are Micro Constellations?

Micro Constellations is a powerful technique whereby a client (coaching/therapy) is helped clarify their inner “problem image” and find solutions to the topic through micro formats of systemic structured constellations, that is by putting the various elements belonging to the topic into space.

As the client perceives different perspectives, different solution options can be researched, simulated and experienced. The power of perception of the body is used successfully.

The method of systemic structural constellation was developed by Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibed. It is based among others on the work of Virginia Satir (family sculptures), Milton Erikson (hypnotherapy), Heinz von Foerster and Umberto Maturana (radical constructivism), Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg (solution-focused therapy). 

Accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) as CCE (Continued Coach Education) ensures its high quality standards.

Click here to download Step into the Solution article by Rita Klemmayer and Dr. Petra Müller-Demary 

Who is it for?

For experienced Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and Therapists who would like to expand their tools.

What will you Learn?

You learn to accompany your clients to:

  • to physically experience the parts of a solution
  • to experience the perspectives of other people
  • to gain new perspectives in conflict situations
  • to get connected with your inner wisdom by literally stepping into it
  • to explore new resources and embody them
  • to try out concrete ideas for the next steps

Where and When?

Athens, Greece (in English)

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th March 2020


770 EUR + VAT (where applicable)

700 EUR + VAT (where applicable) for ICF / EMCC / HCA / AC Members

Course Instructors

Dr Petra Müller-Demary, PCC

Petra Müller-Demary has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Human Resources and Management Development. The basis of her work is the solution focused approach and Systemic Structured Constellations. She is an accredited Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Accredited Senior Coach (IIC & M – International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) and founder of Solutionsurfers Romania – an international recognized coaching school.

Originally from Germany she has been living in Romania since 1995. Today she works as an Executive Coach, Team Coach and Business Consultant in various European countries. After several years in an international company she continued her career as an independent consultant and supported the development of her clients with various projects building up her reputation as one of the leading Coaches and Systemic Business Consultants in Romania. Her clients appreciate her rich professional experience combined with a fresh, creative approach, which encourages them to think out of the box and to develop surprising solutions.

Rita Klemmayer

Rita Klemmayer is born in Germany and lives in Münich. She is an experienced and passionate coach, trainer, supervisorand therapist. Since 30 years she is supporting the development of individuals, teams and organizations in a comprehensive way. She supports organizations to reinvent their business, offering Leadership coaching, team development workshops and retreats. As a trainer she teaches solution focused practise, systemic structured constellations and meditation workshops.

She is trained in Conversational Psychotherapy, Focusing, Supervision, Mediation, Systemic Structured Constellations, Brief Solution Focused Coaching, Non-Violent Communication and Large Group Moderation. Rita uses solution and resource oriented thinking, empathy and her rich personal experience to help her clients to find solutions that suit their situation, values and vision. In her first profession Rita was a pastor of the protestant church in Germany.


In Step into the Solution you learn new ways to work in a SF way with your clients. It helps you to stay out of the content and work with the interactions within the client’s world. The changes these micro-constellations make in their picture of the world are lived through and very powerful. I am grateful both for these new techniques and for what it the exercises brought me personally. I also appreciated Rita Klemmayer and Petra Müller-Demary’s expertise and their thoughtful way of training. 

Anton Stellamans, Trainer, coach at Ilfaro, Belgium

In the last two years I participated in the 2 day courses Solution focused micro-constellations 1 and 2 given by Rita and Petra. These days were fantastic. Rita and Petra are able to explain difficult techniques in a simple way so that we as participants are able to master them little by little. Constellations are by no means hocus pocus, they are clear and all interventions help to reinforce the competences or resources of the client. Both Rita and Petra are clear, helpful, good teachers and above all wonderful wise women!

Dr. Joost van Iersel, professor AVANs, University of applied sciences, coach trainer, Netherlands

I got trained in Micro Constellations with Petra and Rita and it was a wide opening experience. I got a methodology to work with my clients that "married" my beloved Solution Focus approach with feelings and body awareness. Since then, I use it with my clients, in my coaching training but also with myself.

Olympia Mitsopoulou, Atom Wave founder, Organisational Psychologist, Coach

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