The Atom Wave ICF accredited ACSTH program is specifically designed for internal coaches, based on the Solution Focus approach equips participants with professional coaching skills tailored for organisational needs.

Online/F2F Training in 3 Modules: 3 + 2 + 2 Workshop days

A carefully designed highly interactive in person training spread in three modules over a six-month period. You will receive a total of 56 training hours, during which you will practice and receive detailed feedback from your instructors at least 6 times. You will master coaching tools and methodologies especially designed for coaching within organisation. You will get functional coaching manual, tool cards, reminder cards and a complete Coaching Kit with everything you need to coach with confidence. 

Mentor Coaching - 6 hrs

Within the program, you will receive 6 Mentor coaching hours. We assign you into small groups with a Mentor Coach instructor who will take you through the process of mastering all the coaching tools in live coaching situations. You will get support and feedback on your coaching. 

If you decide to proceed with credentialing with the ICF, you will have covered 6 out of the 10 required mentor coaching hours.

Online Learning Platform

Throughout the course duration, the Google Classroom online learning platform is used to assist the creation of an internal coach community and a culture of sharing experi­ence amongst learners. Through a series of "missions" designed by your instructor, you will be in close contact with your class in-between-module assignments, you will have a space to share experiences and support to new learnings from your course instructor and your class. 

Practice with Real Clients

Your Practicum is where you take everything you have learned in class and start applying it with real clients. It's one thing to coach your peers - it gives you great practice in a safe setting, but we also want to make sure you are confident coaching clients within your organisation. 

Your mentor coach will support you with feedback, answering your questions, discuss challenges and how to deal with them. 

Internal Coaching Framework

You will get a full Internal Coaching Framework kit.This includes how to: Define your internal coaching role in combination with your current role; Navigate between key Sponsor needs & Ethical Dilemmas; Communicate internal coaching processes internally; Asses coachability; Monitor and measure progress; Forms, Contracts, templates to start internal coaching assignments as of next day.                                                                


By accomplishing the full training program requirements, the peer practice assignments, the mentor coaching, and the real client practice requirements successfully, you will earn your Certificate in Internal Coaching as well as 70 ACSTH (Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours) by the ICF. These hours exceed the required training hours for your credentialing at ACC level. 

What clients say about Atom Wave Coaching Training

”Highly interactive program delivered with structure and impact. Equips individuals with solid techniques/ skills that can be applied immediately to increase personal and organisational effectiveness. The program materials are of the highest quality and the best practices takeaways are useful resources that our people can quickly add to their toolkits.”

Natasha SPIROU,
Group Human Resources Director Fourlis Holdings S.A.

“Exceptional development program. ...the program contributes to increased business results like sales increase, better team collaboration, trust building and more effective delegation, and better time management.”

Training and Development Deputy Director ALPHA BANK