Instil a culture of coaching, equip your management teams with practical coaching skills set to get visible, tangible and sustainable results.
Coaching skills development is not about what happens during the training but about the impact it creates.


  • Adopt a coaching culture within your organisation
  • Change the dialogue from whose fault is to Solution Focused conversations
  • Have tools to motivate in difficult times
  • Engage people and create accountability
  • Achieve challenging performance goals
  • Align individual objectives with organisational goals
  • Find keys to unlocking potential of underperforming teams

How we work

We work with you and your team to create a tailored in-house programme that meets your teams’s specific challenges.  For each team we design a bespoke program that will equip them with a coaching skill set and more importantly we support them to incorporate it in their everyday people management practice. The building blocks of each of our programs:

  1. Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) – for each program, we have developed our own methodology of tracking results of coaching, of how each participant of our programs has implemented what they learnt and how their people development translates into business results. We believe that people development programs need have visible results in order to be internally supported. Download our latest case study on ROI of our coaching programs.
  2. At desk implementation support – our team of executive coaches works with each participant individually to support the implementation of coaching to each member of their team in order to achieve their specific performance goals.
  3. Solution Focus approach – our methodology of Solution Focus instills a new mindset that is about focus on resources of people vs their gaps, tools for moving conversations beyond problem talk to crafting solutions, and methods to engage one's team towards common objectives. 
  4. Blended learning - each program has a duration of several months as behavioural change needs time to develop. According to each client-organisation needs we design a program that combines face to face facilitation workshop, with individual and group coaching, with immediate implementation to each participant's team and on going support with the latest state of the art Social Learning platform of PRACTIFY to keep participants engaged throughout the duration of the program.


EUROBANK Performance Management Program

After a major change of the Eurobank Performance Management model and system there was the need to acquaint a large number of participants with the new program and prepare them within a very short time to implement it.
Based on Facilitation tools and the Solution Focus coaching approach we designed a program that introduced the new model, its values and the respective process in groups of 150 participants each time. It helped participants experience the future-oriented way of thinking through the Solution Focus approach,  allowed space to air their concerns, and get the message of the value of collaborative ways of working and co-creation of solutions between a manager and one's report.

ALPHA BANK Collaborative Coaching Skills

Designed for a team of Area coordinators who supported sales stuff in bank branches. This specific program equipped participants on how to utilise coaching techniques to associates with whom there was not a direct  reporting relationship.

L'OREAL Management Retreat

In collaboration with Wings Int'l, Atom Wave run a series of 4-day intensive retreats for L'oreal. Participants worked on designing their managerial identity, identifying their own managerial style and team leadership.

IKEA Train the Trainer in Coaching Skills

Tailored design to establish an in-house team of Trainers that will enable roll-out of Coaching training in all members of the Group. The program has been successfully implemented to 300 supervisors. 

Word of mouth...

“True developmental experience ...with measurable results and positive effect on work ethic. Solution focus works!”

Golfo AGAPITOUAssistant General Manager, People Talents at Eurobank

Stanton Chase Athens had a great experience with Atom Wave and Olympia by attending a Team Coaching workshop . Olympia is a great facilitator who added value to our discussion and helped us to draw our vision and future strategy building a strong team spirit.

Manos PANORIOS - Managing Partner, Central Eastern & South Eastern Europe - Stanton Chase Int'l

“Highly interactive program, delivered with structure and impact. Equips with solid techniques/ skills that immediately applicable to personal and organisational effectiveness.”

Natasha SPIROU, Group HR Director - Fourlis Holdings SA

Olympia had a way of approaching each and every one of us, bridging our differences and make us feel like a team without limits!

Stella VOLAKI - Trade Marketing & CatMan Manager - Consumer Products Division - L'Oréal


  • ALPHA BANK - Solution Focused Coaching for Sales
  • Train the Trainer / Retail / Solution Focused Coaching Skills
  • Papastratos - Philip Morris affiliate in Greece
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