Coaching Skills for Managers


  • A practical structure for coaching conversations that generate new thinking and concrete steps.
  • Tools to facilitate individual or team coaching conversations.
  • Training certification accredited as ACSTH by the International Coach Federation.
  • A Solution Focused mindset to address coaching and every day life.


Change is about processes and organisational transformation, but it is people who need to deliver them. Training, mentoring, consulting all are telling others what to do, but people change behaviors and attitude when they are involved in the changes, when change comes from them and is not imposed upon them. Coaching is exactly this, it is about structuring meaningful conversations that inspire thinking and ideas in others so that they find their own ways to work better and more productively. More importantly, it is a mindset away from being the expert-leader and more about the host-leader who creates the "space" for  progress to happen.

The SF Coaching Conversation course, has been designed to give you the skills and mindset so to incorporate in your everyday practice the powerful and brief coaching methodology of Solution Focus.

Solution Focused  Coaching, contrary to traditional change management practices, is about focusing on what is wanted (not "diagnosing" what is wrong), about discovering “what works”  and all the available resources, about analysing bright exceptions vs. failure and on formulating small concrete next steps vs. big scale action plans.


  • Functional team leaders who need to find ways to produce extraordinary results with their team members.
  • Matrix team leaders where team members have a dotted line relationship with the team leader and have to juggle conflicting priorities
  • Agile Coaches  and/or Project Managers who have to organise and deliver work through team members who don't have a reporting line.
  • HR Leaders who wish to incorporate coaching in their every day conversations for Performance Development, talent, 360 feedback, briefs taking.


  • Live, interactive and highly practical Zoom workshops
  • 10 weekly workshops, each lasting 2.5 hours
  • 5 hours of “asynchronous” learning (background reading and coaching practice)
  • Each workshop includes a new coaching skill and the chance to practice it in the workshop


  • The course is ICF-accredited
  • It provides 30 hours of ACSTH training (the minimum to start logging coaching hours towards ICF-accreditation)
  • If you accomplish the SF COACHING FUNDAMENTALS and would like to continue your training as a coach with us you can continue with the INTERNAL COACH CERTIFICATION program. Your training hours and investment will be taken into account.


Next group starts: 14/1 and concludes the module: 18/2/2021

Classes take place online in GREEK every Thursday between 17:00 and 19:30


1.400 EUR + VAT (if applicable)

1.200 EUR + VAT (if applicable) - Early Bird (30 days before start)


  • 30 hours of live Training online with limited number of participants
  • Supervision of practice during the program
  • ICF ACSTH Course Certification for 30 hours
  • Coaching Guide and top quality reference material



Using solution focus methodology helps you to delve deeper into a person's issue and shows the path for improvement/change without making any reference to the problem itself at all. As a coach you need to focus on the person's strengths & achievements, trigger the proper questions and the solution is there coming straight away from the coachee himself/herself it's amazing!

Bilalis Nikolaos - Head of HR Business Partnering Central Units / Internal Coach program participant - EUROBANK

How is coaching different from mentoring?

A mentor is an expert who provides wisdom, advice and guidance based on his or her own experience. The coaching relationship is a relationship of partnering and equality independent of hierarchical or professional differences. It does not include any advising or guidance from the coach.

How is Coaching linked to Training?

It is not! Training is based on a set of instructions and methodologies that are provided by the instructor and they are the right ones. 

In coaching, it is you, the client who gener­ates the strategies and methodologies to reach your goal. 

Internal Coaching DO's and DON'Ts

What are the Internal Coaching DO's and DON'Ts? How is it different to external coaching. Download here a practical guide for your internal coaching scheme.

Does ACSTH accredited training means I am an ICF credentialed coach?

ACSTH training stands for Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours and it is a term used by ICF to signify that a specific program has been assessed to meet all operational and quality standards to cover training requirements for credentialing via the ACSTH option. Minimum ACSTH for ACC credentialing are 60 hours and the Atom Wave "Fundamentals of Coaching COnversations" program is a 30 hour program which is the minimum amount of hours to start logging them for ICF credentialing.

For more information please visit the ICF relevant page:

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