Mentoring Skills

Make the most of your people Knowledge Capital,
Build on Success and Company Wisdom,
Encourage a Sharing Culture and create Collective Impact.


  • Develop the Talent Pipeline
  • Accelerate Leadership Development
  • Break intra-company silos
  • Build a common culture
  • Create Collective Impact
  • Accelerate On Boarding
  • Promote creativity and diversity
  • Make use of knowledge capital

How we work?

  • Tailoring – each program is designed around each organisation’s needs and goals
  • Structure & Framework – our Solution Focused Mentoring Programs are always linked to a specific set of organisational goals i.e. culture building, leadership development, talent development. They have specific duration of about 9 - 12 months. They are mentee driven, mentee works around own development objectives.
  • Program Design – along with a Mentoring Core team, we design a tailored Mentoring plan from A-Z, outlining all necessary steps before, during and after the program launch.
  • Selection process for Mentors’ and Mentees – based on the existing organisation’s  processes, we  tailor our Mentoring tools and know-how in order to define the selection process and its communication for Mentors’ and Mentees’ participation.
  • Matching process – from a limited number of mentoring pairs to hundreds of them, we assist in the design of the most suitable mentor-mentee matching process.
  • Mentor Training  - Our Solution Focused training program, equips future Mentors with a definition and a framework of the organisation’s mentoring program, and more importantly with practical solution focused tools to deal more in depth with their mentee’s areas for development.
  • Mentee Training – Atom Wave Mentoring programs are a mentee-driven process and one of the biggest learnings is for a mentee to figure out how to have a "Do It Yourself" career instead of expecting things to happen from others.
  • Monitoring – we design the most appropriate monitoring process in order to make the most of your mentoring program.

How do we define Mentoring?

  • There are many types of successful Mentoring programs. Our mentoring programs are about supporting an organisation create a "multiplier" effect of its most important competencies.
  • Within the organisations' priorities, selected mentees define career development goals and are supported by a pool of trained mentors who are the organisation's role models. Mentor are trained in our own Solution Focused mentoring model, more on a "pull" mode, with the ultimate goal of empowering the mentee to come up with own resources, ideas and initiatives.
  • Our programs are different from "traditional" ones, where the mentor has a more didactic role, and/or sometimes sponsors his mentee's/ protégé's development.
  • The main difference between coaching and mentoring for us is that coaching is primarily about performance improvement as well as the development of specific skills, and the goals are determined by the job requirements and the relationship is driven by the coach. Mentoring is much more broadly based, focusing on developing capability often for longer term in career self-management. The development goals are defined by the mentee and are often related with personal development objectives. Mentoring relationships are governed by confidentiality rules.

Mentoring Programs Design

  • We link each mentoring program to key organisational goals and KPIs.
  • We provide methodology to assist how mentors and mentees will be selected and how this decision will be communicated.
  • We propose specific processes for matching mentors with mentees.
  • We design tailored training for both mentors and mentees in their role.
  • We maintain high standards of ethics and especially confidentiality
  • We set processes for monitoring and program evaluation


Creating a work environment for tomorrow’s workforce

According to IMD article on the new generation of Digital Natives, mentoring and coaching are amongst the top "magic" words to attract, motivate and retain them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mentoring

Because of mentoring diversity and long history, many types of mentoring (or mentorship) exist. Below is a  non-exhaustive list of FAQs asked about mentoring.

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