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Are you aware that Internal Coaching is the fastest rising amongst coaching services?

At a time when the organisational agility is the new must, the need for coaching people is exponentially increasing. So far, this has been covered mainly by external coaches. Currently, organisations are successfully developing an internal infrastructure of coaches as a high ROI vehicle to drive change and transformational development throughout the organisation.

Recent research indicates that 75% of organisations expect Internal Coaching to rise within the next two years.

If you are a leader in HR or Transformation facilitating change within a complex corporate environment then this webinar is for you.

We will be sharing our methodology on how to set up an Internal Coaching service with tangible business related outcomes.

As an attendee you will also get a BONUS Tool which is one of the cornerstones of effective Internal Coaching Assignments.



Your Webinar Hosts

Olympia Mitsopoulou

Atom Wave Founder - Industrial Psychologist - Certified Coach - ACSTH "Internal Coach Certification" Program Director

Marialexia Margariti

Psychologist & Certified Psychotherapist M.Sc., M.A., ECP Certified Coach & Mentor Coach - Supervisor




Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is designed for HR, L&D and Transformation managers who are interested in implementing change programs with business impact and measurable results.

How do you define Internal Coaching?

A coaching process supported by the organisation and provided by trained qualified coaches who undertake A-Z coaching assignments with colleagues outside their line management responsibilities. It is a process limited to a specific period of time and supports internal clients develop own goals and solutions appropriate to their context.

Word of mouth...

“True developmental experience ...with measurable results and positive effect on work ethic. Solution focus works!”

Golfo AGAPITOUAssistant General Manager, People Talents at Eurobank

Using solution focus methodology helps you to delve deeper into a person's issue and shows the path for improvement/change without making any reference to the problem itself at all. As a coach you need to focus on the person's strengths & achievements, trigger the proper questions and the solution is there coming straight away from the coachee himself/herself it's amazing!

Bilalis Nikolaos - Head of HR Business Partnering Central Units / Internal Coach program participant - EUROBANK