Solution Focus

Problem Talk creates Problems,
Solution Talk creates Solutions.
Steve de Shazer

What is Solution Focused Coaching?


One definition of Solution Focus is “putting positive differences to work”.  Accordingly, in SF Coaching conversations, we use a combination of tools exploring the what is working in clients’ lives and how they can do more of that. It is about conversations that explore in detail the desired state of the coachee rather than the problematic situation and its origins. The concept behind this line of working with coaching topics is that "what led to a problem, doesn't necessarily lead to its solution". We often find ourselves becoming experts in why we have a problem but this doesn't add much to doing something about it. Our experience shows that focusing conversations on the Desired Future and looking at the constructive parts of the past empowers the coachee, is more efficient and is also briefer. 
Solution Focus was originally developed in the context of therapy, by the family therapists Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer. Through their research for a method that would bring results in a short period of time they devised a model of questions and a new therapeutic approach which is called Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). Today, SF is applied to coaching and consulting, arbitration, management and more.
The following principles are at the heart of Solution Focused coaching.

Become Experts in the Solution not the Problem

How easy is it to define exactly what we want to happen differently? How can we recognise it when it starts happening? Perhaps this sounds obvious to some, but often we spend a lot of time on analysing the what we don't want rather than the what we want. With the Solution Focus approach, the emphasis is on becoming experts in the solution rather than the problem. It is about designing a Desired future, with lots of detail about what we do differently and how this is noticed by others. Having this clearly defined picture helps us move towards it.

Discover what you have to Build the what is Missing

Solution Focus is about discovering all available resources towards the development goal. These resources may be internal like qualities, skills, past experience and/or external like mentors, friends, material resources. Surprisingly, we often overlook what we have because we are focused on what we are missing. Yet, building change can only be based on existing qualities, rather than on the gaps, because gaps are empty.

Explore Positive Deviation, not Failure

No Problem appears with the same intensity all the time. We usually focus on the times where things go worst and we are trying to correct them. With the Solution Focus we do something completely different! We explore the BRIGHT EXCEPTIONS, We are interested in realizing what exactly happens differently when the problem appears at a lower intensity. We need to find what works and do more of it! (and of course, if it doesn't work... do something different!)

Small Signs of Progress, no Action Plans

A next step towards change is often the obvious thing to do but somehow does not happen that easily. With the Solution Focused approach, we bring awareness to the small signs of progress and how these will be noticed. Knowing what progress looks like makes it actionable!

Solution Focused Internal Coach Certification Program

Word of mouth...

“True developmental experience ...with measurable results and positive effect on work ethic. Solution focus works!”

Golfo AGAPITOU - Head of People Development,  Eurobank

“Highly interactive program, delivered with structure and impact. Equips with solid techniques/ skills that immediately applicable to personal and organisational effectiveness.”

Natasha SPIROU, Group HR Director - Fourlis Holdings SA


It has exceeded expectations! The blended methodology of workshops, social learning digital platform and group peer / mentoring sessions accommodates for the different learning styles of the participant group, whilst pushing individual comfort zones.

Alexandra FILLIPIDOU - Talent Manager & Internal Coach Certification participant - Eurobank 

“Exceptional development program ...contributes to increased business results in sales, improved team collaboration, trust building, more effective delegation, and better time management.”NIKI KANELLOPOULOUTraining and Development Deputy Director ALPHA BANK