We believe organisations can significantly enhance their leadership effectiveness through addressing their people at their strengths, through developing relationships of trust, and through building a coaching culture.


September 09. 2014

ROI on Coaching Development programs is always a hot issue. Olympia Mitsopoulou presented Atom Wave's project on this subject as a SOLTalk at the SOLWolrd Conference that took place in Djuronasset between the 3rd and 6th Sept. 2014.

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May 19. 2014

According to a latest poll by the CIPD, lack of trust was voted as the biggest barrier to effective leadership with 45% of the votes. Other votes went to lack of on-the-job training (22%), lack of succession planning (19%) and organisational structure (14%). The importance of TRUST is even more vital when a leader needs to coach his people in order to move forward.

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May 12. 2014

How do you measure the Return on Investment of your Management and Leadership Development programs? In the HR Professional Magazine, Atom Wave presents a client case study on Solution Focused Coaching where significant ROI in sales and productivity were measured.

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April 11. 2014

Is coaching a report similar to coaching a co-worker who has another boss? What are the prerequisites for this type of coaching to work? The Solution Focused coaching approach has been supporting organizations worldwide equip their managers with a set of easy to use coaching tools but primarily with a changed mindset which enables managers to focus more on their people's resources.

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March 18. 2014

The teacher of our 8 year old son called me in the other day in order to inform me that our child was not very “productive” in class, that he is not contributing in group work and does whatever he wants in class. Troubled as to how to constructively handle the issue with our son, I decided to make an “experiment” and try some of the coaching and feedback techniques I use when I work with adults...

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Solution Focused Internal Coach Certification Program

Word of mouth...

“True developmental experience ...with measurable results and positive effect on work ethic. Solution focus works!”

Golfo AGAPITOU - Head of People Development,  Eurobank

“Exceptional development program ...contributes to increased business results in sales, improved team collaboration, trust building, more effective delegation, and better time management.”NIKI KANELLOPOULOUTraining and Development Deputy Director ALPHA BANK

Olympia had a way of approaching each and every one of us, bridging our differences and make us feel like a team without limits!

Stella VOLAKI - Consumer Products Division - L'Oréal

“Highly interactive program, delivered with structure and impact. Equips with solid techniques/ skills that immediately applicable to personal and organisational effectiveness.”

Natasha SPIROU, Group HR Director - Fourlis Holdings SA