Case Study

ALPHA BANK - Solution Focused Coaching for Sales

ALPHA BANK - Solution Focused Coaching for Sales

Increased Sales and Productivity

The Client

The client, ALPHA BANK is one of the largest banks of the private sector in Greece with a wide Network of 715 branches and one of the highest capital adequacy ratios in Europe. Alpha Bank is active in the Greek and international banking market, with a presence in London, Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, FYROM and in Serbia.

In 2013, ALPHA BANK acquired the entire share capital of Emporiki Bank.

In May 2013, the bank successfully recapitalized thus preserving its private character.

The program described is addressed to the retail sector and has been implemented to a total of 250 Branches with teams ranging between 5 and 25 people. It started with a pilot in 2007 and has been running until now (2014).


  • Motivate and mobilize whole branch team towards generating sales leads
  • Identify and develop sales talent
  • Change management style culture from “telling” to “asking”

Why Atom Wave?

  • Experience in tailored designs combining training with 1to1 coaching and measurable results
  • Succesful implementation of the pilot program
  • Previous experience within the Banking retail sector
  • Solution Focused techniques support participating managers change attitude


  • A modular program of 6 month duration, composed of the following stages:
    • Individual Video-presession with coaching simulation recording and training needs analysis
    • Solution Focused Coaching and Feedback workshop
    • Three 1to1 coaching sessions between each participating Branch manager and an Atom Wave coach
    • Team Coaching Workshop
  • During the program coaching sessions, each participating Branch manager focusing on his/her own development needs.
  • Each participating manager selected one team member in order to track and measure progress applying the new techniques


  • Significantly increased sales and deposits.
  • Increased productivity as a result of improved delegation, know-how development, better planning and organizing.
  • 95% sustainability of results (Business Impact and ROI) one year after the program start

What people said

“The Atom Wave program helped me find ways to to uncover the resources of my people, to be able to find solutions and stop dealing with what is wrong.”
Branch Manager, Athens

“Now I listen more. This way I get ideas about how to plan action for the sales development of my Branch”
Branch Manager, Thessaloniki


What clients said....

”Highly interactive program delivered with structure and impact. Equips individuals with solid techniques/ skills that can be applied immediately to increase personal and organisational effectiveness. The program materials are of the highest quality and the best practices takeaways are useful resources that our people can quickly add to their toolkits.”

Natasha SPIROU,
Group Human Resources Director Fourlis Holdings S.A.

“Exceptional development program. ...the program contributes to increased business results like sales increase, better team collaboration, trust building and more effective delegation, and better time management.”

Training and Development Deputy Director ALPHA BANK

"The S&B Mentoring program we co-designed with Atom Wave has been running successfully since 2007. [...] The professionalism, the client focus and the trust relationship between us, have been successful criteria for our collaboration."

Management Development Manager S&B Industrial Minerals