Case Study

Train the Trainer / Retail / Solution Focused Coaching Skills

Train the Trainer / Retail / Solution Focused Coaching Skills

The Client

FOURLIS GROUP is one of the leading group of companies in Greece and the Balkans in providing quality consumer durable goods.The group employs 3500 people.

The group is active in four key divisions:

  • Retail Home Furnishings through the franchise of IKEA stores in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria,
  • Retail Sporting Goods through the franchise of INTERSPORT stores in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey,
  • Retail Clothing and Accessories through the franchise of NEW LOOK in Romania and Bulgaria and
  • Wholesale of Electric and Electronic appliances through the representation of brand names like General Electric, Liebherr and Korting.


  • Find a cost-effective way to train a big number of managers geographically dispersed in 5 countries
  • Coaching skills for internal trainers are amongst the most demanding as they are required to model behavior themselves
  • No prior experience of future internal trainers with coaching training

Why Atom Wave?

  • Had already successfully run a Feedback skill train the trainer for the same organization
  • Amongst the pioneers for coaching training in the market
  • Experience in Train the Trainer design
  • Atom Wave team combining both trainer and coach competencies


  • Carefully select a team of internal trainers
  • Communicate that not all will be selected as internal trainers but will all function as coaching “ambassadors” internally
  • Design a 5-day Train the Trainer training split in two parts where internal trainers had to run the whole program at least twiec
  • Have the internal trainers practice coaching and reflect on that during the program
  • Run re-fresher courses of half-day after a couple of months
  • Tailor content to the organizations existing systems and terminlogy
  • Adapt coaching to the peculiarities of a high-speed, limited time of retail environment especially for IKEA and INTERSPORT.


  • ROI of 195% as compared to hiring external providers
  • Internal trainers successfully trained 300 managers within the group with very high ratings
  • Internal Employee views survey scores related to Coaching and Feedback were significantly higher than previous year
  • Performance development Plans include coaching more than before indicating it has started becoming part of the organization culture

* This case study was presented at the 20th EMCC Conference in November 2013


What clients said....

”Highly interactive program delivered with structure and impact. Equips individuals with solid techniques/ skills that can be applied immediately to increase personal and organisational effectiveness. The program materials are of the highest quality and the best practices takeaways are useful resources that our people can quickly add to their toolkits.”

Natasha SPIROU,
Group Human Resources Director Fourlis Holdings S.A.

“Exceptional development program. ...the program contributes to increased business results like sales increase, better team collaboration, trust building and more effective delegation, and better time management.”

Training and Development Deputy Director ALPHA BANK

"The S&B Mentoring program we co-designed with Atom Wave has been running successfully since 2007. [...] The professionalism, the client focus and the trust relationship between us, have been successful criteria for our collaboration."

Management Development Manager S&B Industrial Minerals