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We believe organisations can significantly enhance their leadership effectiveness through addressing their people at their strengths, through developing relationships of trust, and through building a coaching culture.


After 3 yrs of brooding over the idea of an Open workshop about Solution Focused team coaching skills, we launched and run our FIRST Solutionize workshop in Athens, Greece, this November. What a wise decision after all! 

With 10 exciting participants from Nestlé, Eurobank, Loréal, Imerys, Hellenic American Education Foundation, Interamerican and job roles from HR director to Credit Control Manager, and co-trainer/coach my colleague and friend Marialexia Margariti, it was a rich workshop with constructive experience sharing around the all time “puzzle” of team collaboration.

SolutionizeTM your Team, aspires to be the first of its kind, in the sense that it has a Train-the-Leader format that equips participating leaders to apply Solution Focused Team Coaching to their teams as of the following day but also with practical tools that can be used in isolation. More importantly, participants say that they left the course with a new approach towards people, the Solution Focus!

Although the Solution Focus term, may not sound a lot like a “term”, it is in fact about a new way of thinking, a new way of asking questions and a different way of listening to others and spotting resources and strengths instead of looking for the gap.

Watch our 2 minute video to get a short introduction.

Next Solutionize your Team, will take place in Lausanne on the 17th and 18th of March, 2016 together with the highly esteemed colleague, mentor and friend Alan Kay who will fly to join us all the way from Canada! Looking forward to it!

For more information about the next SolutionizeTM your Team workshop visit page or download the brochure from here.