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Discover Your Own Ladder of Success. How your Genes Influenced Your Personality Most?

Atom Wave is now a proud partner of Karmagenes. You can combine Karmagenes results with your coaching to understand your key strengths better, and their affect on your relationships and career. In other words, you unlock your full potential for a better you!

Is there a way that you can become a more productive team member, a more inspirational leader, or a better person overall? Indeed your genes harbor a great amount of information in addition , to your  environment which also teaches you so much as you grow up.  How much of your behavior has been a result of genes, and how much of it was influenced by your surroundings. Is there any way that you can find out? The answer lies in a combined analysis of your saliva sample and a psychological self-assement

Karmagenes, a Swiss biotech, has come up with an innovative way of determining the contribution of genetics and the environment to your personality traits. Using a sample of your saliva, their advanced molecular analysis methodologies identify the link between genetics and 14 behavioral characteristics like innovation, spontaneity, strategy, risk taking, decision making,  confidence, stress tolerance, calmness, optimism and self awareness.

Some facts about the DNA

Your DNA plays a great role in pre-defining aspects of your personality . It is found in every cell of your body, and is mainly located in the nucleus. Your DNA stores all information in a code, which is composed of four bases: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine, represented by A, G, C and T, respectively. These bases total to about 3 billion.99% of different people’s DNA bases are identical, yet you all are unique and have your own unique DNA features, due to variation within 10 million bases of our genome. The order of these bases is important because it contains specific  information about you. This is analogous to alphabets, which can be arranged in different order to form different words.

The bases in your DNA occur in the form of unit pairs; A combines with T and C is linked with G. Each of these is attached to a phosphate and sugar molecular. Together these three form a structure, which is referred to as a nucleotide. These nucleotides are present in the form of two spiraling strands, called the double helix.

The link between your genes and behavior

Genes and behavior are simultaneously studied under behavioral genetics. Your genes alone do not control your behavior, but instead, they enable you to respond and use what is around you. Environment may also influence the manner in which your genes act. Environment does not only refer to your physical surroundings, but anything that excludes inherited factors. Typical environmental factors which can affect your behavior are your family, friends, workplace, and individual experiences in your everyday life. The nutrients, hormones and even the toxins in your body are also regarded as environmental factors. please be careful here, it may get confusing

How does the Karmagenes Analysis or Technology or Innovation combine with Atom Wave Executive coaching?

Karmagenes algorithm creates your personalized profile using the behavioral information extracted from your DNA tests and the KG5+ physiological assessment. Your 14 personality characteristics are then linked to specific, relevant genes and your KG5+ results so that you know the contribution of both DNA and the environment to your personality. This information can be valuable for discovering one’s own strengths.

The test can highlight areas where you thought you were not so strong and discover you have these in your DNA. For example one of our coachees said after taking the test: “I found out that based on my DNA I am far more strategic that I thought I was and it was an area that I had underdeveloped so far. Only knowing that I have this in my DNA has already made me act more strategically”

At Atom Wave, we propose this analysis to those who are in a career transition phase and every one who wants to look at their skills in depth and make the most of them. Discovering ourselves is a big journey and having the opportunity to find out about our DNA is exciting news!

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