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We believe organisations can significantly enhance their leadership effectiveness through addressing their people at their strengths, through developing relationships of trust, and through building a coaching culture.


A big journey of coaching within Eurobank (Greek Bank with 13.500 employees and presence in 6 countries) got to a major milestone as the first pool of certified internal coaches graduated from the Atom Wave ICF ACSTH "Internal Coach Certification" course. At the ultra new learning lounge of the bank, the 17 participants of the course along with Athina Dessypri and Golfo Agapitou who were the project sponsors from the bank, celebrated together with Atom Wave Olympia Mitsopoulou and Marialexia Margariti.


The Internal Coach Certification program has been created with the vision of offering state of the art coach training specifically addressing the challenges of Internal Coaches within organisations. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, participants have more than covered the training requirements by ICF for the ACC credential. Within the whole program, they additionally receive mentor coaching hours, supervised practice with real clients and a fully tailorable toolkit with everything needed to set up an internal coaching operating framework within their organization.


Some of participants' comments about the program experience:

Its structure, the way you get to practice the theory that you' velearnt, the inspirational coaches of the program who are there in every step of the way to support us, combined with the actual knowledge you get on how human potential can be unleashed in the working environment, are some of the most important aspects that made this program an incredible experience for me.

Elpida Labrinidou- Head of PeopleRewards, Eurobank

What keeps me committed to the program is the way the coachees correspond and the look they have after a coaching session. The solution focus coaching makes them understand what they have accomplished on their own and what they are capable of doing.

Panos Bougiokos - Head of HR Business Partnering Int'l & Audit, Compliance & Marketing - Eurobank

Using solution focus methodology helps you to delve deeper into a person's issue and shows the path for improvement/change without making any reference to the problem itself at all. As a coach you need to focus on the person's strengths & achievements, trigger the proper questions and the solution is there coming straight away from the coachee himself/herself it's amazing!

Bilalis Nikolaos - Head of HR Business Partnering Central Units - EUROBANK

The Internal Coach Certification Program is offered as in-house or as a public course in Athens and in Lausanne. Next cycle begins on the 6th of November. For more information click here or contact Olympia Mitsopoulou at olympia(at)