Internal Coach Certification

The Atom Wave ICF accredited ACSTH program is specifically designed for internal coaches.
Based on the Solution Focus approach, it equips participants with professional coaching skills tailored for organisations.


  • Practical capacity building coaching tools for internal coaching at ever-changing organisations.    
  • In-house executive coaching skills accelerating a culture of coaching within the organisation.    
  • Coaching services with a high Return on Investment.
  • Empowered internal coaches with ΙCF accredited ACSTH learning and an all weather coaching kit. 
  • A growing impact of HR.    
  • A-Z Internal Coaching Framework with coaching policies and procedures to communicate to the business.


Conceived and designed with the HR and Transformation leader in mind, this program envisions to deliver a state of the art Coaching Certification program that will address the heart of HR coaching challenges and equip participants with in depth coaching skills as well as practical tools designed and tested to work within organisations. 

As Internal Coaching, we define a coaching process supported by the organisation and provided by trained qualified coaches who undertake A-Z coaching assignments with colleagues outside their line management responsibilities.


You will be able to coach with a  pragmatic and brief coaching methodology, the Solution Focus which is particularly fit for the fast-paced everyday conversations in business.

You will  learn how to use tested, practical internal coaching  tools tailored to leadership and performance  based on our experience of designing internal coaching programs since 2002.

You will be able to design and manager an A-Z Internal Coaching assignement as you will be equipped with a full internal coaching KIT. Everything from the Coaching forms, to the detailed process steps, all the key factors to anticipate in communicating the program internally and educating the involved stakeholders (prospective coachees, coachees' bosses, top management).

As a coach you will feel empowered with a Solution Focused coaching mindset, your organisation will get high ROI from a professional internal coaching service, and HR will grow its impact through supporting capacity building and transformation through coaching leaders through it.


Athens (in Greek)

  • Module 1: 6-7-8 May 2020
  • Module 2: 9-10 July 2020
  • Module 3: 15-16 Sept 2020



  • Early Bird (until 14/3/2020) : 3100 EUR + VAT (where applicable)
  • After 15/3/2020: 3400 EUR + VAT (where applicable)

Lausanne (in English)

  • Module 1: 25-26-27 June 2019
  • Module 2: 22-23 Sept 2019
  • Module 3: 6-7 Nov 2019


  • 4400 CHF + VAT (where applicable)
  • Early Bird (until 24/5/2019) & Not For Profit: 4100 CHF + VAT (where applicable)





Using solution focus methodology helps you to delve deeper into a person's issue and shows the path for improvement/change without making any reference to the problem itself at all. As a coach you need to focus on the person's strengths & achievements, trigger the proper questions and the solution is there coming straight away from the coachee himself/herself it's amazing!

Bilalis Nikolaos - Head of HR Business Partnering Central Units / Internal Coach program participant - EUROBANK

It has exceeded expectations! The blended methodology of workshops, social learning digital platform and group peer / mentoring sessions accommodates for the different learning styles of the participant group, whilst pushing individual comfort zones.

Alexandra PHILIPIDOU - HR Manager & Internal Coach Certification participant - Praxia Bank


Our coaching methodology is based on the Solution Focus. The approach values practicality and is especially suited for working with leaders within organisations. The focus is on working with people strengths through defining the what is wanted, discovering the what is working and what contributed to that and on making practical progress. It leads to a positive and pragmatic way to work within organisations and beyond coaching it is helping instill a new culture of addressing people at their resources. For a short introduction to Solution Focus coaching watch our video here. More information about our Solution Focus Coaching Methodology here.


  • This program is addressed to organisations wishing to develop a team of credible, effective Internal Coaches that will support the organisation's People Strategy and plan to support this role with an internal coaching framework.
  • It is designed for experienced HR and other leaders who wish to undertake an Internal Coach role together with their existing tasks and have a strong interest in people development.
  • Participants need participate voluntarily, and have commitment to fulfilling the program's requirements.


How do you define Internal Coaching?

An Internal Coach is an employee within an organisation who has been trained and qualified as a professional coach practitioner and has specific coaching responsibilities with colleagues outside own line of management responsibilities.

How much time would I need to invest to meet requirements of this program?

The program spans within a 6 month period and it has a 90 hour duration. Therefore, you could estimate an average of 15 -20 hours per month. Of course this varies according to each individual.

How can you tell whether coaching has been an investment worthwhile?

This is a very good question that is relevant not only for coaching but for most Leadership Development programs as well. Business Impact and measuring ROI is a core area of our own research about coaching and and as such we have incorporated in our ACSTH "Internal Coach Certification" program a simple yet effective methodology to calculate ROI of your internal coaching assignments.

Does ACSTH accredited training means I am an ICF credentialed coach?

ACSTH training stands for Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours and it is a term used by ICF to signify that a specific program has been assessed to meet all operational and quality standards to cover training requirements for credentialing via the ACSTH option. Minimum ACSTH for ACC credentialing are 60 hours and the Atom Wave "Internal Coach Certification" program is a 90 hour program with 70 ACSTH hours, so the 60 hours are more than covered. Additionally, in order to get credentialed as a coach at ACC level by the ICF, you would also need to:

  • 4 Hours of Mentor Coaching (within the program you get 6 mentoring hours and therefore only need 4 instead of 10)
  • Submit a Recorded Session & Transcript which will be assessed 
  • 100 client coaching hrs (not with Direct reports)
  • Pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment
  • Pay the respective application fee

For more information please visit the ICF relevant page: